Nothing fancy

Today was lame. I paid my first utility and electricity bills and my roommate didn’t even say thank you. Whatever. 4 more months and I’m out of here. Living alone is nice….if you’re living alone. But I can’t afford that. I guess in 4 months it’s back to having a curfew and getting lectures from my parents even though I’m already twenty-something.

Just frustrated I guess, I work super hard and try to make it on my own and my roommate doesn’t even give a crap. The bills aren’t going to pay themselves honey. It’s called gratitude. But hey, on the bright side I’m thankful I have the means to pay the bills.

I can’t wait to someday live on my own. I just need motivation to go back to school to get a good degree and a good job so I can make that vision happen. Well, I feel better now that I ranted. Time to sleep. I’m going to be off the blog the next few days because I’ll be camping on a couch in a house with AC as opposed to my apartment with no AC… I don’t think I could sleep in 109 degree weather. But that’s just me.

See ya,



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