pexels-photo-253053 I’m just okay today.

I “raced” home through rush hour. It was awful, people suck at driving. Or maybe I suck at driving. I don’t know.

I checked the mail. Nothing for me.

I made a quick dinner and proceeded to watch “The Help”. I’ve never seen it before. It made me cry a lot. I cry a lot during sad movies. I can’t help it. The first movie I ever cried to was in 4th grade, it was Jack Frost when his dad died and came back as a snowman. The second movie I ever cried to was King Kong.

“The Help” was a really long movie and having no AC, it was super hot in the living room. I tried opening one window, It didn’t really help. I tried opening the other window, but it kept sliding shut as if it was rubbing it in my face that I should suffer in the heat. I tried not to give up on it, I went back about three times trying to get it to stay open. Then I finally gave up and opened the door to the deck. My desire for being cool and not sweaty overcame my fear of bugs flying into my place (ok not a fear, a paranoia).

And now I’m currently still awake at 11:40pm even though I should be sleeping.

Happy Monday



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