Today was going good until a part of my past came to haunt me. I feel empty right now.

My day started good though. I was able to finally sleep in, I made coffee with my french press, I cleaned and made everything smell good and even washed my bed sheets.

I started watching a popular series on Netflix that’s based on an old comic. It’s super good. It’s called Riverdale. So I basically spent all day binge watching episodes and I forced lovey to watch them with me.

But then we got bored and went to the store and we were just looking around and his coworker came out of nowhere and said hi to him and completely ignored me, didn’t acknowledge me. And there’s a lot of background story that goes with her but I’m not going to type it all out. Basically when lovey needed “space” from me, he went to her. And it just really ruined my night. He said all they ever did was get coffee, but I don’t know. I honestly am so upset and pissed off. I really hate the world at this moment.

Then my roomie texted asking if it’s okay for her boyfriend to crash on the couch. I told her I’d prefer if he slept in her room ’cause I have to wake up early and don’t want to walk out of my room to see him all sprawled out on the couch. (My room is right by the living room). I’m just fed up with everyone right now. I needed to vent. I feel much better now, except I’ll probably still cry myself to sleep ’cause I’m being emotional like that right now. and it’s totally okay. Hoping tomorrow will be better.



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